Thanks for visiting, it's important to us to support those that have aspirations to go into the trades. In an effort to show our gratitude, we have set up a $500 scholarship for a local & deserving applicant. Fill out the application form below and stay tuned for who is selected!

MidWest Home Inspection Scholarship

Scholarship Submission

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Terms & Conditions:

Applicants will be selected on the 1st of December and the 1st of April. One applicant per period will be selected. Only the selected participant will be notified, those who are not selected will not be contacted. Applicants will be evaluated on a 'total person' spectrum, to include: Community involvement, career aspirations, school activity participation, GPA and overall character. One individual factor will not be a deciding or eliminating factor in the decision making process. Scholarship will be paid directly to the attending school or university. Payments to individual or personal accounts will not be made.